After 20 years as a professional dancer, John Arms turned to yoga  and bodywork to heal from a serious
dance injury. Through yoga he was exposed to kirtan...and the rest is history! He quickly formed a deep
love for this healing practice of musical meditation. As a self- taught guitarist, he was amazed how this style
of music moved his very soul and soon became involved as a musician in his local, Madison, WI, kirtan

Since 2009, John has played alongside many local and
international kirtan artists including Wade Morissette,
Marty Tribble, and appears regularly as a back up
vocalist with
Ragani. He began leading kirtan in 2011,
bringing his own fresh acoustic melodies to the this
unique genre. His music was featured at the
Milwaukee Area Kirtan Festival 2012 and the Twin
Cities Annual Kirtan Fest 2013.

John offers his
soul stirring musicality through kirtan
and as accompaniment to
yoga classes, co-leads
yoga + live music retreats worldwide,  inspires
optimal health through plant based living as a vegan
chef, and teaches a fusion style of partner yoga
FLYoga. John blends his musical offering with
practical wisdom from his own life experiences. Practicing with John you may find yourself like so many
have before: Stepping on the mat and feeling a sense of homecoming, stepping off the mat feeling inspired,
nourished, refreshed, and grounded--ready to take your true self out into the world.